Ducati 900SS 91-98

Keihin FCR 39

Split FCR 39

トルク管理表 - Torque Specs


PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Top yoke central retaining boltM8x1.2523*GREASE B
Top yoke boltsM8x1.2522*GREASE B
Bottom yoke clamp boltM8x1.2520*GREASE B
In the sequence 1-2-1
Front axle clamp boltM8x1.2520*GREASE B Sequence 1-2-1
Steering limit lock nutM8x1.2518LOCK 2 (apply Loctite to nut thread only)
Steering stem nutM35x130 *GREASE B
Fork splashguard retaining boltM5x0.85.5LOCK 2
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Front brake caliper boltM10x1.2543*GREASE B Sequence 1(UP)-2-1
Front brake master cylinder boltM6x19 
Rear brake bleeder fitting to caliperM10x17 
Front/rear brake hose fittingM10x1 20 
Gearchange lever and brake pivot boltM8x1.2524LOCK 2
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Handlebar top clamp boltM8x1.2520*GREASE B In the sequence 1-2-1
Clutch master cylinder boltM6x19Sequence 1(UP)-2-1
Clutch hose connectorM10x120 
Clutch bleed valveM6x14 
Clutch cylinder retaining screwM6x110 
Throttle twistgrip retaining boltM6x110 
Throttle twistgrip cover retaining boltM4x0.71.8 
Counterweight boltM6x19 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Swingarm pivot shaft boltM8x1.2518*GREASE B
Chain tensioner eccentric screwM12x1.2533 *GREASE B Sequence 1-2-1
Bolt securing rear brake hose guide and speed sensor to swingarmM5x0.82.5 
Front and rear chain-guard retaining screwM6x16 
Caliper mounting bracket pinM12x1.2533LOCK 8
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Shock absorber top boltM10x1.2545*GREASE B
Shock absorber bottom boltM10x1.2545*GREASE B
Suspension linkage upper boltM10x1.2545*GREASE B
Nut securing suspension rocker arm to frameM12x1.575 *GREASE B
Nuts securing end fittings to tie-rodM12x1.536*
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Rear brake caliper boltM8x1.2525*GREASE B
Front/rear brake hose fittingM10x120 
Rear brake master cylinder boltM6x110 
Rear brake reservoir retaining boltM6x12 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Front sprocket retaining nutM25x1.5186*GREASE B
Front sprocket cover boltM6x16
Drive chain slider retaining screwM6x16
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Front wheel nutM25x1.2563*GREASE B
rear wheel nut76*GREASE B
Front and rear brake disc retaining boltM8x1.2525LOCK 2
Rear sprocket nutM10x1.2548LOCK 2
Bolts securing driving pinsM6x111LOCK 2
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Headlight retaining boltM8x1.2512
Bolt securing headlight support to subframe on silent block4
Tail light unit nutsM6x16
Number plate light nutsM5x0.82.5
Reflector nutM4x0.72
Cable guide to headlamp mount retaining screwM6x19
Turn signal retaining boltsM6x16
Headlight support retaining boltM6x110
Headlight reflector retaining boltM4x0.72.3
Part Thread (mm) Nm ±10%Notes
Fasteners securing silent block mountings for instrument panelM5x0.84 
Bolts securing instrument panel to silent blocksM5x0.85 
Air temperature/pressure sensor retaining boltM6x16 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Relay bracket boltM5x0.81 
RH/LH handlebar switch boltM5x0.83.5 
Keyswitch cover cap nutM6x17 
Keyswitch screwM6x1 *Tighten down the screw headuntil it fails, LOCK 2
Battery terminal boltM6x16 
Starter motor nutM6x15 
Nut securing cable to starter relayM6x14 
Speed sensor retaining boltM6x110 
Bolt fastening regulator to oil breather tank and frameM6x16 
Bolt securing regulator to oil breather tankM6x16 
Bolt securing battery support to silent-block mountingsM6x16 
Bolt securing battery support to cylinder head M6x110 
ECU retaining boltM6x113 
Bolt securing earth cable to engineM6x110 
Horn bracket retaining screwsM6x110LOCK 2
Horn retaining screwM8x1.2525LOCK 2
Immobilizer antenna Mounted on assembly line between antenna and Lock 11switch cover
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Front mudguard retaining boltM6x13LOCK 2
Number plate holder boltM6x15.5 
Bolt securing splashguard to underseatM6x11.8 
Nut securing number plate holder to splashguardM6x11.9 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Side panel retaining boltM5x0.80.8 
Bolt securing headlight shell to mounting bracketM6x18 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Fuel hose clamp 1.5 
Tank filler cap screwM5x0.86 
Tank hinge bracket retaining screwM6x110 
Fuel tank rubber mounting retaining screwM6x110 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Seat lock nutM22x1.51LOCK 3
Seat lock support retaining screwM5x0.86 
Seat cover support retaining screwM5x0.83 
Seat slide screwM5x0.86LOCK 2
Bolt securing seat cover and storage compartment cover to seatM6x12 
Seat lock screwM5x0.86 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Gearchange lever and brake pivot boltM8x1.2524LOCK 2
Gearchange lever retaining boltM6x110LOCK 1
Bolt securing gearchange linkage pivot to gearchange leverM6x110 
Bolts securing front footrest bracket to engine M10x1.5 36 
Bolts securing front footrest brackets to swingarm pivot shaftM12x1.555 *GREASE B
Bolts securing rear footrest brackets to frameM8x1.2524LOCK 2
Bolt securing heel guard to footrest bracketM5x0.85LOCK 2
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Nut for engine-frame boltM12x1.560*GREASE B
Screw securing hose guide to starter motor screwM6x19 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Sidestand bracket boltM10x1.536LOCK 5
Sidestand sensor cable clamp boltM6x110 
Sidestand pivot bolt nutM8x1.2524 
Stand sensor boltM6x110 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Oil cooler retaining boltM6x19 
Oil pipe union on cooler with TWIN SEAL O-ringM16x1.525*Lubricate with engine oil (Shell Advance Ultra 4)
Oil pipe union on crankcase with Twin Seal O-ringM16x1.525 Lubricate with engine oil (Shell Advance Ultra 4)
Oil cooler nippleM14x1.527LOCK 1
Oil pipe union on crankcaseM10x119 
Oil delivery pipe to cylinder heads fittingM10x115 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Fastener securing air box stud bolt to air boxM6x16 
Fastener securing air box stud to dowelM6x14 
Fastener securing screw to front of air boxM6x110 
Oil breather valve hose clampM7x21.2 
Oil breather tank hose clampM7x2 2 
Bolt securing oil breather tank to frameM6x16 
Screws securing springs to intake funnelsM5x0.83 
EVAP system canister filter  Throttle body clampM4x0.71 
Restricter plate retaining screw for power restricted modelM5x0.84.8LOCK 1
Bolt securing canister support to engineM6x110 
Canister clamp retaining screw 1.7 
PartThread (mm)Nm ±10%Notes
Exhaust pipe clamp retaining boltM8x1.2519 
Special bolt securing exhaust manifolds to crankcaseM12x1.525LOCK 1
Bolt securing exhaust pipes to crankcaseM6X19 
Fasteners securing 1/8” gas stainless steel plugs to exhaust pipesM10x1.2525 
Bolt securing silencer to frameM8x1.2524 
Bolt securing heat shield to silencerM6x110LOCK 2
Bolt securing heat shield to exhaustM5x0.82.4LOCK 2
Nuts securing exhaust pipes to horizontal and vertical cylinder headsM6x110 
Lambda probe fastenerM8x1.545 

パーツリスト - Parts List


配線図 - Wiring Diagram


MotoGadget mo.unit blue ver

リアサス - Rear Suspension Unit


モデル900 SS-SLMontjuich
ストローク量 mm6858
スプリング1092-26 84NM1091-24-80NM